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Digital Archery Experts

ICANN has designed a skill testing competition where professional digital archers with network and software expertise will draw bows and launch arrows to hit a Batch One Bullseye!  With an expected 2,100 + strings and only 500 spots, it promises to be a skillful competition.  Only applicants who apply a technology solution will have a reasonable chance to succeed.  DAE was formed for the purpose of deploying a network and software solution to hit a Batch One Bullseye!

Guaranteed BATCH ONE BULLSEYE or you donít pay.
Network designed to strike within milliseconds of target.
Top programmers with decades of experience in platform architecture deployments.
Our commitment to use the same solution for DAE clients as we do for .CLUB.

A limited number of applicants are invited to join our success with a service
offering that guarantees a Batch One Bullseye or you pay nothing.


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